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PigRemote: Out of Stock (link)
PigRemote is a remote station control system with bi-directional streaming audio and rig control built-in. No computer or Skype needed. PigRemote's are built to order for the time being so there may be a short delay in shipping.

Help: Will PigRemote Work for Me?

Piglet V3R2: In Stock (link)
Piglet is a wireless bridge for iOS/Android devices enabling rig control in portable situations.

KX3 Serial Cable: In Stock (link)

PigKnob: Out of Stock (link)
PigKnob is a remote tuning knob that brings the VFO knob to your fingers. There are 8 programmable buttons for quick changes to the radio.

Demo Video

CT-17: In Stock (link)
The CT-17 adapter can be used with Piglet to connect to Icom radios.
Redesigned April 2013.

KX3 CW Key Adapter: In Stock (link)

Pigtail/Piglet Radio Support Status
Only radios listed below are known to work. Pigtail support for radio's will be evolutional. There is no guarantee you'll have full, or any, functionality connecting to a radio that is not in the list below.

Supported Radios (iOS):
Elecraft: K3 / KX3 / K2
Yaesu: FT-817 / FT-857 / FT-897 / FT-450 / 950 / 2k / 3k / 5k
Kenwood: TS-480 / TS-590 / TS-2000
Icom*: IC-703 / IC-706MKIIG / IC-7000 / IC-7600
* Icom support is with the Icom CT-17 or Pigtail CT-17 (sold here) only. Third-party/custom/smart serial cables probably won't work.

Supported Radios (Android):
Elecraft K3: / KX3 / K2
Kenwood: TS-480 (others should work though untested)
Yaesu: FT-817 / FT-857 / FT-897
Icom*: IC-703 / IC-706MKIIG / IC-7000 / IC-7600
* Icom support is with the Icom CT-17 or Pigtail CT-17 (sold here) only. Third-party/custom/smart serial cables probably won't work.

If a radio isn't listed that you'd like me to support, send me an email at

Please read everything below as well as the descriptions of the items before purchasing. I'm working with small quantities of product so if something is Out of Stock, it should be back in a bit.

You will need the latest version of HamLog on iOS/Mac/Android to use the Piglet for rig control.

Non-Ham Use
If you're planning on using a Pigtail/Piglet in other work, outside of HamLog, like managing serial devices over the network, it works just fine. It also works great from a computer just using Telnet, no need for a serial port on your computer any longer. Look for the app named "Pigtail Terminal" in the app store, it is free. You may need to adjust the baud rate as set from the "factory" to support other external devices, like routers or switches.

If something is out of stock, it should be back in stock shortly. If you're interested in receiving notifications when new inventory is added, sign up for the mailing list on the left. You'll receive emails when new inventory is added as well as new product announcements. Email addresses entered will not leave our hands and it's easy to unsubscribe.

Shipping is only via USPS First Class or Priority mail depending on weight.


Returns for full refund within 30 days will be accepted on unbuilt kits, factory assembled products and accessories. I cannot accept a return on a partially or completely built kits but can replace components if defective, get in touch via the "Contact Us" link up top in this case.
To return an item, visit this store and click "My Account" up top. Find the order and click "View Details". In the details screen, click "Add New RMA", set the various options, add a comment if you want and click "Save RMA". We'll be in touch once we receive the RMA notification.

73 and Thank you,
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